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Kabbalah jewelry, Gold necklace ,Hebrew jewelry, Kabbalah necklace, pearl necklace, gold jewelry, Kabbalah Gold necklace, Holidays blessings

Kabbalah jewellery, Gold necklace ,Hebrew jewellery, Kabbalah necklace, pearl necklace, gold jewellery, Kabbalah Gold necklace, Holidays blessings

Gold necklace with coin pearls interchanged with gold cash that includes the Sacred names engraved in Kabbalistic biblical Hebrew.

Made from 24 karat gold plated brass and Freshwater coin pearls.
According to the Kabbalah, the seventy two names of God are channels of power that include sure properties.
For this necklace, you’ll be able to choose O of the next choices: Just enter your choice within the notes part at checkout SAH – Shin, Aleph, Hei – soulmate ELD – Aleph, Lamed, Daled, – safety MHS – Mem, Heh, Shin – Healing ARI – Ayin, Reish, Yud – Certainly that the Light is all the time there SAL – Samech, Aleph, Lamed – Abundance ANV – Ayin, Nun, Vav – Appreciation HHA – Heh, Heh, Ayin – unconditional love SHIPPING OPTIONS: – The normal delivery that is listed takes about P- O weeks.
– EMS takes H-10 enterprise days and prices $18 extra.


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