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judaica jewelry, hebrew jewelry, pearl jewelry Gold necklace, gold jewelry, blessings necklace, jewish jewelry, hebrew necklace, shma Israel

judaica jewellery, hebrew jewellery, pearl jewellery Gold necklace, gold jewellery, blessings necklace, jewish jewellery, hebrew necklace, shma Israel

Gold necklace with the primary line of the Shma adorned with pearls.

The circle is P inch vast.
The necklace is product of 14 Karat Gold plated brass and pearls.
The gold necklace has the primary line of the Shma engraved in biblical Hebrew: “Shma Israel, Adonai Eloheinu, Adonai Echad” Translated to – “Hear A’Israel, our God is one” SHIPPING OPTIONS: – The normal delivery that is listed takes about P- A weeks.
– EMS takes H-10 enterprise days and prices $18 extra.


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