Kabbalah Charm bracelet Kabbalah jewelry Turquoise by KelkaJewelry

Kabbalah Charm bracelet, Kabbalah jewelry, Turquoise bracelet, Hebrew jewelry, Jewish jewelry, Religious jewelry, Gold Jewelry

Kabbalah Charm bracelet, Kabbalah jewellery, Turquoise bracelet, Hebrew jewellery, Jewish jewellery, Religious jewellery, Gold Jewelry

Kabbalah allure bracelet with hues of blues, greens, whites, browns and gold A pretty mixture of braided chains, multi coloured and white pearls, golden stardust beads Kabbalah charms, Turquoise.

The Kabbalistic charms are a few of the seventy two names which are written in Hebrew.
Length is about S inches with out the Toggle clasp.
Please let me know if you’d like a special size.
As every appeal bracelet is made to order, please permit a couple of days earlier than delivery.


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